Pacific Northwest Excursions

Portland, OR, is a fantastic jumping off point for exploring the Pacific Northwest, and it is the home of ViveSUP's stateside sister company, ECOutdoorsPNW. We invite you to join us on our exciting adventures on northwest Oregon's lakes, rivers, mountains and coast. Come enjoy the nice weather and beautiful scenery with us!

multnomah falls

The waterfalls and hood river tour.

This wonderful tour begins by driving along the historic Columbia River Highway through the spectacular Columbia Gorge. We visit Vista House where you can have a wonderful view of the Gorge, and then continue with our trip by visiting Latourell Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Wah-kee-na Falss , Multnomah Falls and the lovely town of Hood River, Oregon.

Duration:  5-6 hrs

Start time: 9am

Level: All levels

Price: $75/person

Included:  Transportation, Guide, Refreshments


STAND UP PADDLE and whitewatersup

On this tour, we get to explore lovely Clackamas river and Estacada lake while standing on the water! Lake paddle is a great way to become comfortable with stand up paddle, to get your balance and a sense of how to move and maneuver the board. Clackamas river is a great and clean water development your skills, this is a class l &ll, we will take you there with all the safety gear and certificated paddle instructors with a lot  experience in WW.

Duration: 2,5 hours (lake) 3 hrs (river)

Start time: 9:00am PDX

Level: All levels - Intermediary 

Price: $95/person (each tour)

Included: Equipment, Guide, Instruction, Refreshments, Transportation.


Saddle mountain & the beach

This is an all day tour that starts with a hike up to the amazing vista atop Saddle Mountain. We have a snack while admiring the views and then head down and drive the rest of the way to the coast, arriving at Cannon Beach. We spend the afternoon and early evening enjoying the views and wildlife of the coast and quaint town and then head back to Portland.

Duration: All day

Start Time: 8am

Level: Intermediate hiker (5.2 miles)

Price: $90

Included: Transportation, guide, refreshments